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Product portfolio

Experience is the key to innovation

Customer care is our paramount concern. Our high quality demands and our reliability during every step of the process have led to longstanding happy relationships with our customers. Some of our customers have been with us since our company was founded, a fact that fills us with pride and gratitude.

We currently produce a large variety of different formulations which enables us to offer a very wide and ever increasing range of products.

We can offer you:

  • emulsions (W/O, O/W, multiphase emulsions)
  • lotions
  • gels
  • serums and concentrates
  • wax and body butter
  • sprays
  • foams
  • aerosols
  • oils
  • products with special carrier systems
  • powder mixtures
  • and so much more…


Exclusivity – the basis of your success

Any formulation we develop for you is guaranteed to be exclusive. This means that this formulation is produced just for you – there is nothing exactly like it on the market.

Natural cosmetics or conventional cosmetics


The market for cosmetic products has changed significantly over the past years. Demands and requirements on products are constantly rising and changing. Ingredients that were unheard of 10 years ago are now widely used and considered the norm. At the same time natural ingredients are experiencing a veritable renaissance and are becoming more and more important in an age of allergies and high sensitivity.

Whether you choose conventional or natural cosmetic is up to you. Note that if you decide on natural cosmetics you should have your products certified with an approved seal of quality. We are happy to advice you on both these options and to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each – or of a combination of the two.

Development process