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Research on behalf
of the skin

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Research on behalf of the skin

Our skin: protection and support, filter between organism and environment and responsible for respiration, heat regulation and sensory perception of our environment. Reflection of our physical and mental well-being, advertisment and testimony of our life. We are dedicated to the care of this precious organ.

Your performance requirements are our challenge.

At MDM research we are constantly searching for new active ingredients, forms of presentation and manufacturing technologies. We always pay attention to current trends and are happy to assist you in your search for new products. The results of our research are directly implemented in the development of new products, in the creation of formulations and in production.

Whether you are looking to make changes in the composition of a product or require new developments – at MDM we are experts in creating individual and unique products. Due to our short distances and the comprehensive support we offer, we are able to quickly and reliably turn new ideas into marketable formulations.

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