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Our Philosophy

Beauty that benefits the skin – welcome to MDM cosmetic products

For 30 years we have been dealing with the human skin. To support the communication between epidermis und dermis – to care for, maintain and regulate this delicate connection is our drive and our ambition. In order to do so we rarely just rely on state of the art techniques but are always looking for new formulations.

It goes without saying that we meet all legal requirements and fulfil al technological conditions.  What makes us stand out is that we also develop innovative and effective product ideas with substance.

Responsibility – we take a stand

We think of ourselves as a company with a social responsibility. Our success in development over the past years has relied on the core values of our company philosophy which are continuously developed and practised by all MDM employees. We are happy to take responsibility for our actions, on the basis of which we wish to continue and expand our successful business, together with our clients and suppliers.


We are guided by current legal requirements as well as moral and ethical principles. In our business practise we pay special attention to strengthening awareness for environmental issues, ensuring the protection of human rights and supporting animal welfare.

Consultation - We see ourselves as consultants in all issues regarding a client´s new product. Whether your question concerns packaging, legal requirements or forms of certification – we are happy to offer advice, based on many years of experience.