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About MDM

Specalists for Private Label Cosmetics – Product ideas based on 30 years of experience

Your customers rely on your products – you can rely on us:

We have been working as outsourcing partners for the cosmetics industry since 1985. Our company was founded as a development and consultant laboratory and we continue to use the knowledge from our ongoing research in formulations and product developments for our clients.

We are with you every step of the way – from idea to finished product

We have learned early on that our products benefit if we attend to them as thoroughly as possible. This is why we value the chance to offer integral support. In order to meet rising demands we expanded our range of services in 1987 to include production, filling and packaging.

Product ideas with a safety guarantee


Legal requirements are becoming stricter – and rightly so. It is all about supporting healthy beauty, nothing more and nothing less. In order to comply with increasingly strict regulations we have become certified experts in analysis and evaluation of cosmetic products, as well as PIF-creation. All MDM products are tested rigorously before they are issued with the necessary evaluations and documents according to current standard requirements.